Mississippi Parent Training and Information Center  

"Helping Parents Plan Their Child's Road to Success" 
Address: 2 Old River Place, Suite M, Jackson MS 
Phone: 601-969-0601 
Fax: 601-709-0250

Technology Assistive Device (TAD) Center 
A community resource program of the NMRC which operates to help children and adults with disabilities find appropriate technology to meet their needs 
Coordinator: Mandi Stutsy-Waldrep, CCS-SLP 
967 Regional Center Drive 
Oxford MS 38655 
Phone: (662) 513-7892 
Fax: (662) 234-1699 

Mid-South Dyslexia Center 
Allison Boggess, Dyslexia Facilitator 
Address: 6933 Crumpler Blvd., Ste. E, Olive Branch, MS 38654 
Phone: 304-993-9131 
Website: http://midsouthdyslexia.com 
Email: Allison@midsouthdyslexia.com

Living Independence For Everyone of Mississippi 
Dedicated to the Empowerment of Individuals with Disabilities 
Emily Word, Community Outreach Specialist 
Address: 1051 Cliff Gookin, Tupelo, MS 38801 
Phone: 662-844-6633 
Cell: 662-397-8708 
Website: http://www.lifeofms.com 
Email: eword@lifeofms.com

Mississippi Department of Mental Health Helpline 


If you have a concern about the care your loved one is receiving or need help, call the MS DMH Helpline.

Mississippi Relay 
460 Briarwood Drive, Suite 400 
Jackson, MS 39206 
Voice: 601-936-5012 
TTY: 601-709-4624 
Fax: 601-709-4625 
website: http://www.mississippirelay.com/ 
website: http://www.sprintrelay.com/

Disability Rights 
Polly Tribble, Executive Director 
5 Old River Place, Suite 101 
Jackson, MS 39202 
Phone: 601-968-0600 
Fax: 601-968-0655 
Toll Free: 800-772-4057

Dyslexia Foundation of Memphis 

Address: P.O. Box 240792, Memphis, TN 38124-0792 
Phone: (901) 373-7218 
Website: http://www.memphisdyslexia.org/index.html 
General Information Email: webmaster@memphisdyslexia.org 
Testing Information Email: testing@memphisdyslexia.org

Families as Allies 
The only statewide organization run by and for parents and caregivers of children with mental health challenges 
Address: 840 E. River Pl. Suite 500, Jackson, MS 39202 
Phone: 601-355-0915 or 800-833-9671 
Website: http://www.faams.org