Mississippi Behavioral Services (does not provide any testing; ABA therapy only) 

Vargas Clark, Behavior Analyst 
Address:  5847 Getwell Rd. Building C-4, Southaven, MS 38672 
Phone: 662-470-6160 

Accepts private insurance and Medicaid.

Irby Psychological Services (IQ testing, Autism testing, and ABA therapy) 

Dr. Sarah Irby, Psychologist, PhD, BCBA & Tera Bradley, Ph.D. 
Address: 7075 Golden Oaks Loop West 
Southaven, MS 38671 
Phone: (662) 228-5708 

Provides comprehensive evaluations for autism, ADHD, learning disorders, as well as other pediatric psychological disorders. Therapy services focus on behavior management and parent training.  

Accepts private insurance and Medicaid.

Behavior, Attention, and Developmental Disabilities Consultants, LLC (formerly Integrated Health)(Offering IQ testing, Autism testing, and ABA therapy) 

"Coordinating Care to Help Everyone Reach Their Maximum Potential" 
Dr. Emily Thomas Johnson, Clinical Psychologist, BCBA-D 
Dr. Kattrina Miller-Roach, Clinical Psychologist 
Kayla "Rea" Grimmett, M.S. BCBA 
Rebecca Kane, M.S., RBT 
Kendra Montgomery, MSE, RBT 
Erica Hanskiewicz, RBT 
Sharon Letson, RBT 
Eva Faust, RBT 
Valerie Wright, RBT 

Address:  5779 Getwell Road, Building D, Suite 3, Southaven, MS  38672 
Phone: (662) 510-6507 
Fax: (662) 510-6508 
Accepts private insurance and Medicaid.

Southern Pediatric Therapy (OC, Speech, ABA, currently not offering physical therapy) 

Offering Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy  
Address: 190 West South Street, Hernando, MS 38632  
Phone: 662-469-2906  

Upward ABA (ABA, FBA, BIP) 
Executive Director: Brandee Masterson, MS, BCBA 
Pediatric Behavior Center 
Address: Swinnea Rd #6B 
Southaven, MS. 38671 
Contact: 662-426-6136 

 Upward ABA Therapy provides highly individualized ABA programs for individuals ranging from 12 months to 12 years old. 

  Autism Center of North Mississippi (Does not provide any testing; ABA therapy only)

Spanish Village Complex 
146 South Thomas Street, Suite C 
Tupelo, MS 38801 
Phone: (662) 840-0974 

Accepts private insurance and Medicaid.

Dr Allison Social Therapy 

Dr. Allison Coke-Weatherly & Associates 
Phone: (901)299-0703 

"With a focus on improving the social functioning of individuals with social-cognitive challenges, we provide high-quality, intensive therapeutic services to children, adolescents and families." 

Dr. Pamela Buck, PhD 

Pediatric Therapy Service(Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Physical therapy)  
Karen Sisco, PT  
Address: 1751 Dancy blvd  
Horn Lake, MS 38637  
Phone: 901-292-5313

Simple Strokes Therapy(Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy) 
A Pediatric Therapy Group 
Contact:  Robin Smith, PT, DPT 
83 Airways Place, Southaven, MS  38671 
Phone:  (662) 349-8787 
Fax: (662) 349-8757 

The Playground by Simple Strokes