ALEC stands for Autism Law Enforcement Coalition.  The ALEC Program trains first responders to have successful interactions with people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. The workshop provides an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) including growth rates, common characteristics, effective communication methods, behavioral symptoms, sensory issues and practical skills on how to effectively interact and respond to an emergency involving a person with ASD.
Our training is facilitated by our local chapter ALEC coordinator, Craig Treadway. Mr. Treadway has worked with first responders for over 20 years as DeSoto County Prosecuting Attorney. His presentation provides information on how first responders can recognize an individual with ASD: special tactics, response techniques, rescue techniques, patient care, search and rescue and real life incidents will be discussed.
Training takes place in October of each year. The training is free for first responders.
For more information for The ALEC Program, please contact Rebecca Treadway at: or (901) 907-9041