All sessions of Camp Bold 2022 are Full.  
However, please complete an application through the link below. In year's past we have been able to move individuals from the waiting list into camper spots.  



We need you to volunteer to help with Camp BOLD. Please complete a Camp Counselor Application through the link below!  

** We are trying something new to allow more volunteers to work with us this summer.  So many high school students miss out on the opportunity to volunteer because of sports schedules.  We are moving one week of Camp BOLD into the afternoon to help with scheduling for our high school athletes.  Please notice that we have also rearranged the order of camp.  Traditionally our youngest campers are the first week.  We are moving them to the last week this summer.


(If you are new to Camp BOLD, READ THIS!)

Camp BOLD (Balance * Opportunity * Learning * Determination) is a summer day-camp for individuals of all ages with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our 180 campers will enjoy art, music, games, Zumba, inflatables, and lots of social time with friends over the four-weeks of camp.  The amazing success of Camp BOLD lies in the 1:1 camper to counselor ratio that is achieved through teaming up with local high school and college students.  Counselors learn skills to become better friends with and advocates for peers with disabilities. 

The Arc Northwest Mississippi created Camp BOLD because individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve to have a summer camp just like their typical peers.  Camp BOLD is a safe and loving environment for campers with the greatest physical, emotional, and developmental needs.  We have served campers with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, seizure disorder, intellectual disabilities, and many other diagnoses. 

Our Camp Staff is comprised of seasoned Special Education Teachers, Special Education Assistants, Registered Behavior Technicians, and college students pursuing their degrees in fields, such as Special Education, Social Work, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and Nursing.  Camp BOLD also has a psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Dr. Emily Thomas Johnson, supervising our programming. 

The true MAGIC of Camp BOLD happens between Campers and Counselors.  The Arc NWMS will recruit approximately 150 local high school, college, and community volunteers to serve as our counselors.  Each counselor fills out an application detailing their experience and willingness to work with individuals with special needs.  They also commit at least 5 days of service working with Camp BOLD.  Some counselors volunteer to work all 4 weeks of camp!  Counselors receive training on camp procedures and best practices for working with our campers.  Camp BOLD administrators meticulously pair up campers and counselors based on information provided on applications and personal knowledge of each applicant.  

Each day at Camp BOLD is full of exciting activity.  Campers rotate between art class, music class, and P.E. class, with special presenters from local theater groups, high schools, and community organizations.  We have Zumba, health and safety class, fire truck visits, kick ball games, inflatables, cupcake decorating, Lego building, and much more.  At successfully present these activities, Camp BOLD counselors and staff are trained to be very flexible.  Many of our campers have anxiety and behavioral issues that make participation in some activities challenging.  We are prepared with alternate activities and quiet spaces to accommodate any difficult situation that may arise. 

Each week of camp ends with an Award Presentation with our campers’ families.  A camp slide show is created that highlights all of the wonderful activities that have taken place during the week.  Each camper is given a special award that reflects their personal strengths or their camp experience.  Additionally, parents are given time to interact with their child’s camp counselor to exchange phone numbers and stories from the week. 

Fundraise for your Camp BOLD Fee!

Would your friends and family be willing to support The Arc Northwest Mississippi and Camp BOLD by sharing the calendar below on social media? To save the calendar, right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As" or you can screenshot the calendar to save and post. You can use the following to accompany your post: "Dear Friends and Family, my child will be attending Camp BOLD this summer. Please help me support The Arc Northwest Mississippi and Camp BOLD by choosing a day and donating that amount."

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