Art to Achieve 2022 

Art to Achieve will be held at
First Baptist Church of Horn Lake, 
3505 Goodman Road, Horn Lake, MS
12:30-3:00 p.m.
Week 1 - January 15, 2022  
Week 2 - January 22, 2022
Week 3 - January 29, 2022
Week 4 - POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER February 5, 2022  
Week 4 - New Date ** February 12, 2022

Art to Achieve is a 4-week program that allows individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to explore art in a fun and supportive environment of love and understanding.  All the activities during Art to Achieve are geared towards improving the coordination and physical dexterity, encouraging focus and attention, educating participants about styles of art and artists, and growing a love for art. There will be a wide variety of art projects that our artists will be able to take part in creating.  Additionally, Art to Achieve features music activities, exercise/dance opportunities, and games.



This year we will limit the number of participants to 36 per week, AND we will ask you to choose the weeks you would like to attend.  You may attend all 4 weeks if your schedule allows it.  We are making this change because in the past, artists will sign up for the program and only attend one or two weeks.  Asking artists to choose their weeks will allow us to make sure we are serving as many people as possible.

Art to Achieve is in the afternoon again this year to allow participation in SuperABLE Fitness that meets in the mornings on Saturdays.   Everyone reported favorably to having the program in the afternoon last year. 

You will notice that the projects are divided between Beginner Artists and Advanced Artists.  Based on the size of the classroom, we have 24 spots for "Advanced" artists and 12 spots for "Beginner" artists.  We have great flexibility about what "Beginner" and "Advanced" actually mean.  It can refer to age, it can refer to artistic ability, or it can refer to maturity.   After we see the "make-up" of each group, we will decide how best to divide the students each week for success for everyone.

Snacks will be served during the program.  They will be individually packaged.  We will have options for artists that have food restrictions.  Please make sure you list your artist's food needs on the sign-up form.  If you would like to be a snack sponsor for Art to Achieve 2022, please contact our office at 662 510-8989 or email

In the past, we have charged $25 for all four weeks of Art to Achieve.  The Arc NWMS has been able to keep the fee low due to the large amount of volunteers and a few very generous grants.  This year, we are asking participants to pay $15 per week that they are attending.  Although that is more than we have charged in the past, it is still a tremendously good price for the amount of time participants will be engaged and the quality of the projects and activities they will be experiencing within the program.

 PLEASE REMEMBER - If your family is not able to afford this amount, we are happy to give you a scholarship to participate.  We NEVER want to turn anyone away due to financial concerns.  We will find a sponsor for your child.  Additionally, if you can pay a small portion of the fee, that is much appreciated.  Any amount that you can contribute helps to cover the cost of the program. 

After you have submitted the application for your artist(s) to participate in  Art to Achieve 2022, you will receive an email confirmation from the staff at The Arc NWMS.  This email will contain more information about the program and directions for paying your fee.  At this time, you can reply to the email and let us know that you need a scholarship or that you can pay a smaller amount of the fee. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the changes we have made to Art to Achieve 2022, please contact Rebecca Treadway at 901 907 9041 or


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Check out these pictures of some our art project ideas for Art to Achieve 2022.

Art Disclaimer:  The pictures below represent our plan for each session.  Please keep in mind that sometimes plans must be changed due to the inability to purchase the necessary supplies.  Occasionally we will plan for a project and the test run of it will prove unsuccessful forcing us to make changes.  It is our intent to stay as close as possible to the projects shown below. 


Week 1 - January 15, 2022

Beginner Projects