• 4 week program
  • Allows individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to explore art 
  • Fun and safe environment 
  • Can improve coordination and physical dexterity
  • Encourages focus and attention while fostering a lot of art
  • Features music, exercise/dance and games
  • individually wrapped snacks provided (options for dietary restrictions)


Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  How much is the fee for Art to Achieve? $15 per week 

2.)  Are there scholarships or sponsorships available? Yes, we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate. If you are able to pay a small portion of the fee, that is greatly appreciated, but you will not be turned away due to inability to pay. 

3.) How many participants can attend? We accept 24 advanced artists and 12 beginning artists for a total of 36 participants. 


4.)  How many weeks can each artist attend Art to Achieve? Artists are encouraged to attend all 4 weeks, if desired or choose weeks they would like to attend. 


5.)  How do I know whether to choose "beginner" or "advanced" artist? Based on projects listed below, you can determine which is appropriate for your participant. We may also recommend a different group for participant, if needed.  


6.) What if  my participant has dietary restrictions? Please be sure to list dietary restrictions on registration form.


7.)  Will I receive a confirmation email for my participant? Yes, after submitting sign-up for your artist(s), you will receive a conformation email from The Arc NWMS will more information regarding Art to Achieve. The email will also contain information on how to pay program fees. If needing assistance, please reply to that email for scholarship requests. 


If you would like to be a snack sponsor or have any questions or concerns for Art to Achieve 2023, please contact our office at 662 510-8989 or email admin@thearcnwms.org.

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Check out these pictures of some our art project ideas for Art to Achieve 2023.

Art Disclaimer:  The pictures below represent our plan for each session.  Please keep in mind that sometimes plans must be changed due to the inability to purchase the necessary supplies.  It is our intent to stay as close as possible to the projects shown below. 


Week 1 - January 14  , 2023

Beginner Projects